Founded by Dickson Griswold in 2011, Highwater Wealth Management, LLC, is a wealth advisory firm based in Denver, Colorado. We are dedicated to helping our clients both to invest wisely and to plan thoroughly for their long term financial success. Highwater Wealth Management operates as a fee-only advisor, and does not accept commissions. This allows us to be completely objective in our investment selections and trading practices without any conflict of interest. We carefully listen to you, and will design a personalized wealth plan that will allow you to reach your goals. Our success is directly linked to the success of our clients. Read More > Read More >


As Wealth Managers, our professionals are not just investment managers or financial planners. We believe that a client’s financial picture is a complex fabric, and that a macro financial view is necessary to achieve success. To best serve you, we need to get to know you and your unique needs first. We are here to listen, provide guidance, and to challenge our clients to consider innovative solutions to their challenges.  We are here to help guide you now, and to keep you on track for the future. Our first step is to make sure that we understand our client, their current financial situation, as well as their long-term objectives and goals. Read More >


March 17, 2014: Sweet and well-behaved one minute, unruly and volatile the next - that’s the sort of behavior we expect from a 5 year old.   The current equity bull market turned 5 years old this month – and has acted its age in 2014.  After a 2013 that was all about stocks (with almost no volatility), stocks opened 2014 with a thud, with indices dropping nearly 7% into early February.  If the “January Barometer” holds true (as it has 89% of the time since 1972), January’s decline is foreboding for stocks this year. So far this year the cold winter weather has dampened economic activity, but there are signs of improvement after the spring thaw.  Read More >